Project costs

In VOGSY, costs are any purchases a company makes, including purchasing materials and services, in order to complete a project.

Costs are part of a deliverable’s budget and are listed on the deliverable’s calculation card below the activities.

Costs added to deliverables with time and material are automatically added to a customer’s invoice. Costs added to a deliverable with fixed price are not invoiced because the costs should have been taken into account when agreeing upon the fixed price; however, costs are still tracked by VOGSY in order to keep the project’s budget accurate.

Costs, which is money that the company spends on a project, should not be confused with expenses, which is money that an employee spends on a project with the expectation of being reimbursed later.

Add a cost to your budget

In VOGSY, costs are any purchases you make, including materials and services, in order to complete your project.

To add a cost to your budget, do the following:

  1. Click briefcase Projects. The Projects view displays.

  2. Scroll to the project that holds the deliverable to which you want to add the budget.

  3. Find the deliverable and click account details Allocate budget & resources. The New Calculation form displays.

  4. Click Add Cost and complete the form that displays. See Field descriptions for more information.

  5. Click Save. The form will close and the cost will be added to the Calculation card.

Field descriptions

new cost form
Field name Description Required?


Select the appropriate type of cost from the drop-down list.

You can add or remove cost types via the Costs back office master table.



Use this field for a short declaration about the cost. The description is only used as a reference on the quote and the order confirmation.


Cost amount

This is the actual price of the cost.


Sales amount

This is the cost amount plus any markup you choose to add. This is the amount that is invoiced to the customer.


Start date/Finish date

Choose the time period for which the cost applies.



Record any information here that you believe is important to know about the cost.