Add project costs to an invoice

With VOGSY you can invoice customers for money spent on things not directly related to the activities of your employees.

To learn how to invoice an expense, which is money spent by the employee for a project, see Create an expense.

Before adding your costs to an invoice, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • The cost needs to be recorded against a Time and Material deliverable.

  • You must create a purchase invoice, aligned with a deliverable and approved by the project manager.

To add a cost to your invoice, do the following:

  1. Locate and open the deliverable to which the cost applies.

  2. Click account details Allocate budgets & resources to open the Calculation window.

  3. Click + Add Cost to open the Costs window.

  4. Select a cost type from the Costs drop-down list.

    You can add or remove cost types via the Costs back office master table.
  5. Fill out the other fields. The Description field and the Remark field are optional.

    Cost amount is the actual amount you paid for the expense. Sales amount is the cost amount plus your markup; this is what you charge the customer.
  6. Click Save and the cost will be stored as an expense against the deliverable.