The Contacts report

This report lists all of the contacts that you have ever configured in VOGSY.

Column descriptions

First name

First name of the contact.

Last name

Last name of the contact.

Email address contact

The contact’s email address.


Indicates which title to use when addressing emails or other correspondence to the contact.

Job title

Describes the contact’s area of responsibility and expertise at their company.

Organization name

The name of the company with which the contact is employed.

Type (Organization / Supplier / Customer)

Indicates which type of organization applies to the contact’s company.

Account manager organization

The name of the person within your company who is responsible for the contact and their company.

Industry organization

Indicates which type of industry the contact’s company is associated with.

Source organization

Indicates how you found out about the contact’s company.

Phone numbers mobile

The mobile numbers of the contact

Phone numbers work

The phone number (work) of the contact

Phone numbers other

Other phone numbers of the contact

Extra emails work

Email addresses for business of the contact

Extra emails other

Other email addresses of the contact