The Expenses report

Lists all expenses that have ever been recorded in VOGSY.

To see only expenses that have been submitted and still need to be approved, click the Unapproved expenses tab. Along with the expense you will find the name of the Approver.

The VOGSY data tab displays all expenses regardless of submission status; use this data to create your own reports.

Column descriptions


The date that the expense was submitted.


The name of the employee who submitted the expense.

Expense type

The category of expense to which this expense belongs.


An explanation of the expense.

Sales tax type

The sales tax type that was chosen for this expense.

Amount exclusive

The amount of the expense minus the sales tax.

Amount inclusive

The amount of the expense including the sales tax.


Indicates whether or not the expense should be reimbursed.


The current state of the expense in the reimbursement process.


The name(s) of the person or people responsible for approving the expense.


The name of the customer to be invoiced for the expense.

Project number

The ID number of the project for which the expense was incurred.


The name of the project for which the expense was incurred.


The name of the deliverable for which the expense was incurred.

Cost type

The category of cost that is linked to the project and for which the expense was incurred.

Sales amount

Amount to be charged to the customer for the expense.

Link to uploaded expense receipt

URL to the location of the receipt used to verify the expense claim.