View and approve invoices

Any VOGSY user with the Support staff role can view invoices by accessing the Draft invoices back office application.

In order to approve an invoice, you have two options:

  • Via notifications (Project managers only)

  • Via the Draft invoices back office application

You must have the Project Manager or Support Staff role to approve a draft invoice.

Approve via a notification

If the project manager has been designated as the draft invoice approver, VOGSY will send them a notification when an invoice is generated.

If the Outbound e-mail safeguard is enabled, which it will be while you are a trial user, all emails that you send (or that VOGSY sends on your behalf) will be re-directed to your email address while you test VOGSY.
invoice notification

The notification gives the project manager the following choices:

  • View the draft invoice

  • Approve the draft invoice. The draft invoice becomes a customer invoice and is emailed to the customer’s contact person.

  • Reject the invoice. A rejected draft invoice will be deleted.

  • Snooze the notification. This will move it to the clock blue Snoozed view for the duration that you select from the drop-down list.

  • Like the notification.

  • Add a comment blue Comment to the notification.

Approve via the back office

The Draft invoices back office application is where you can view and approve (or reject) invoices.

To access back office applications you must have the Support staff role.

This list displays invoices that were generated individually or in bulk.

draft invoices app

number one

Click the thumbnail to view the PDF version of the invoice.

number two

You can adjust the quantity of a line item on Time and Materials invoices. Doing so will display the Invoice later check box. If you select this checkbox you can carry over to the next invoice the hours that you don’t want to add to this invoice. If you adjust the hours but do not select the Invoice later check box, those hours will never be invoiced.

adjust invoice line 2

Adjusting hours here will not affect the timesheet from which the hours derive.

This option is not available on Fixed Price invoices.

To add additional paperwork, click Add Attachments.

To add additional text to the invoice, or to revise previously added text, click Edit.

To approve the invoice, click Approve and the draft invoice will become a customer invoice and will be emailed to the customer’s contact person.

To reject the invoice, click Reject and the draft invoice will be deleted.