Project billabillity per department

This chart shows, in one view, the billability of all departments by month of the selected year, making it easy to compare their performance. The information is based on the projects associated with each department. This differs slightly from the Billability per month and the Billability per employee charts, where the data is related to the department of an employee.

To learn how billable hours are calculated, see How VOGSY determines billability.

chart billability by department

number one red circle sm

Pin icon. Click to pin this chart to a board.

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Resource filter. Select whose data should be used in the chart. Options are:

  • All resources

  • Employees only

  • Contractors only

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Displays data for the year that you select from this drop-down list.

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If you select this checkbox, the time period for each bar graph will begin with the targeted month and end with the current month.

chart billability by department ytd
The YTD drop-down field is hidden until you select the YTD checkbox.

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Presentation setting. Select how you want to present the data:

  • Percentage: Compares the employee’s billable hours with their total number of working hours.

  • Hours: Displays the employee’s billable hours.

  • [Base Currency]: Displays the cash value, in the base currency, of the employee’s billable hours by multiplying those hours with the sales rate that is configured in the calculation.

  • Sales rate: Shows the average sales rate of the employee’s billable hours.

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A department graph. One bar graph displays for each department in your company.

chart billability by department graph

dark blue bar

Planned billability. Based on planned hours.

light blue bar

Actual billability. Based on tracked hours on projects for the displayed month.

Click a department bar graph to view a list of its customers.

chart billability by department graph depts

The list displays the total amount of hours planned for the department, as well as the actual hours worked so far. For each customer in the department, you can see the number of planned hours and actual hours.