With this function, you can configure the activities that are used for calculating deliverables, planning of resources, and time tracking.

For each activity you can assign the following attributes:

  • Name: This is the name of the activity which will appear in dropdowns.

  • Description: A more specific definition of the activity. The description is only used as a reference in the back office.

  • Cost rate: The average cost rate of the activity. This is used for pre-calculating deliverables and gives a predicted view of the costs which are foreseen to deliver the project. The actual costs are calculated by the cost rate of the employee multiplied by the actual hours spent.

  • Sales rate: The sales rate is used for invoicing the project in case of invoicing type 'Time and Material'. Also, the sales rate is used for calculating future billable hours based on planned hours.

You can change the order in the activity dropdown by tapping on the arrows in the left side of the screen.

Also, it’s possible to archive an activity so it won’t show up in dropdowns. You can archive activities even if they are already used.