Close a project

Although you have the option to delete a project, in most cases it would be wiser to simply close it. A closed project can be re-opened; it can also be used as a template for a new project.

Also, if any of the following have occurred, the project can no longer be deleted and can only be closed:

  • Hours have been written against the project

  • Costs have been booked (through purchase invoices or expenses)

  • Project invoices have been created and processed

All data associated with a project is removed when the project is deleted; a closed project retains its data, allowing you to access it if needed.

To close a project, do the following:

  1. Open the project that you want to close.

  2. Click the project’s dots vertical button and select Close project.

    close project
    If the Show why project can’t be closed option displays in the dropdown list instead of the Close project option, see Project can’t be closed.

    VOGSY will close the project.

    project closed

    Any active deliverables contained in the project will automatically be closed.

    Closed deliverables will display a closed lock symbol (lock) and a read-only symbol (eye), both of which indicate that the deliverable can’t be edited.

Project can’t be closed

VOGSY automatically checks if a project can be closed. If it determines that it cannot be closed, then when you attempt to close it you will find the Show why project can’t be closed option in the Additional options dropdown list instead of the Close project option.

cant close project

Click the Show why project can’t be closed option to have VOGSY generate a report that lists the reasons why the project cannot be closed.

See FAQ: Why can’t I close this project? for more help with closing projects.

Rectify the issues and try again to close the project.