Integrate VOGSY with Zoho CRM

If you use Zoho’s CRM platform to create and track your opportunities, VOGSY can synchronize with it so that when the time comes you can move seamlessly from the opportunity stage to the project stage.

To integrate VOGSY with Zoho, complete the following procedures.

Authorize ZOHO

  1. Open the CRM setup section of the Setup assistant and click Connect an external CRM.

    zoho int setup
  2. Select Zoho from the Select your crm software drop-down list and click Save.

    zoho int 01
  3. Click Authorize VOGSY for Zoho on the Connect VOGSY to Zoho screen.

    zoho int 02

Generate a Webhook token

Click Generate Webhook Token.

zoho int 03

VOGSY will generate a unique authentication key that you can use in Zoho to complete its integration with VOGSY.

zoho int 04
This token is only generated once so do not close this window until after the connection with Zoho has been completed.

Set up Zoho

  1. In another broswer tab, log into Zoho and go to the Setup page.

    zoho int 00
  2. Go to the Automation  Actions  Webhooks tab.

    zoho int 05
  3. Click Configure Webhook and the New Webhook page displays.

    zoho int 09
  4. On the New Webhook page, do the following:

    1. Type a name into the Name field.

    2. Paste your VOGSY-generated webhook token into the Body field.

    3. Type into the URL to Notify field.

    4. Type Deal into the Modules field.

    zoho int 06
  5. Click Save. You will return to the Webhooks tab where you should be able to see your newly created webhook in the List of Webhooks table.

Configure the Zoho Workflow

  1. Go to Setup  Workflow Rules.

    zoho int 13
  2. On the Workflow Rules, page, click Create Rule.

    zoho int 10 before
  3. In the Create New Rule dialog, set the Module to Deal, type a name for the rule in the Rule Name field, and then click Next.

    zoho int 11
  4. Build the following workflow and then click Save:

    zoho int 12

VOGSY and Zoho are now connected.