Set up a VOGSY subscription

Due to its integration with Google, setting up a VOGSY subscription might take several steps:

  1. You need a billing account with Google in order to subscribe to VOGSY. If you have one, you can skip the Set up your billing account with Google section and go to the Subscribe to VOGSY section.

    In appreciation for setting up a billing account, Google will give you a $300 credit after setting up your billing account. This credit will automatically be used to pay VOGSY’s monthly subscription fee until the credit runs out.

  2. You must then activate your account with VOGSY. This step basically allows VOGSY to validate that you have set up a billing account with Google.

Set up your billing account with Google

To set up the billing account, do the following:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Google Workspace account and then go to the Google Cloud Marketplace.

  2. Click Explore Marketplace.

  3. If this is your first time visiting the Google Cloud Marketplace website, a Terms of Service window will open. Choose your country of residence and then select the Terms of Service checkbox. After that, click Agree and Continue.

  4. Click Activate (top-right corner) to begin the setup process.

  5. Fill out the several steps of the Terms of Service form and click Continue. (This might be your second time doing this.)

    When asked to choose an Account type in Step 3, select Business. In the Business name field, enter the name of company for which you work. For more information about the account types, see Payments profile types launch.
  6. Fill out the second page of the form and then click Start My Free Trial.

    To be clear, this step is activating your trial period with the Google Cloud Marketplace, and not with VOGSY. The Google Cloud Marketplace trial period lasts for 90 days and includes $300 in free Cloud Billing credits to explore and evaluate Google Cloud and Google Maps Platform products and services like VOGSY. Setting up a Cloud Billing account does not enable Google to charge you. Another thing to note is that you will not be charged unless you explicitly enable billing by upgrading your Cloud Billing account to a paid account. You can upgrade to a paid account at any time during the trial. After you have upgraded, you can still use any remaining credits, as long as you are still within the 90-day period. Your Free Trial ends when one of the following occurs:

    • You’ve spent the $300 in credits.

    • 90 days have elapsed since you signed up.

  7. After activating your account, a survey window appears. You can skip it if you want. You will be taken to the Getting started section of the Google Cloud Console.

Subscribe to VOGSY

Only a user with the Support staff role, who can access the back office, can perform the procedure.

To subscribe to VOGSY, do the following:

  1. From the Google Cloud Console, type vogsy in the search field. You should receive only one search result; click it.

  2. You will arrive on the VOGSY product page. Make sure to scroll down and review VOGSY’s subscription rates.

  3. When you are ready, click Purchase.

  4. Accept the terms and then click Subscribe.

    Initially your subscription fee will be taken from the $300 in free Cloud Billing credits you received from Google. When the credit runs out, you must upgrade your Google Cloud Marketplace account to automatic billing so that Google can charge your credit card monthly.
  5. When the subscription is set up, click Register with VOGSY. A new tab will open.

  6. Click ign in with Google. Make sure you sign in using the account you used for VOGSY.

  7. Click Confirm to complete your subscription to VOGSY. VOGSY will begin preparing your environment.

  8. In the meantime, return to the Google Marketplace tab and click Check status. The page will update with the status of your subscription.

You are now subscribed to VOGSY.