VOGSY’s data handling policy

To use VOGSY effectively your company must have an account with one of the following document management systems (DMS):

Additionally, you must allow VOGSY to access your DMS. VOGSY needs this access for two main reasons:

  • Folder and file management

    • VOGSY will create the following folders on your DMS’s shared drive:

      Folder name Purpose


      Stores all documents concerning organizations, opportunities, and projects.

      VOGSY Back Office

      Stores all reports that are generated by VOGSY.

      VOGSY Templates

      Stores the document templates that are used to generate quotes, invoices, and order confirmations.

      All of the documents that VOGSY creates will be stored in one of these folders. Furthermore, all of VOGSY’s activities will be limited to the files and folders within these folders. Any and all items that reside outside of them will not be read, manipulated, deleted, or otherwise acted upon by VOGSY.

    • Any files or folders that are added to any of the three folders mentioned above, and that are not created by VOGSY, will not be acted upon by VOGSY. Even if VOGSY is uninstalled, these files and folders will remain.

    • VOGSY will create a folder for each project that you create. This folder will be stored in your company folder on your DMS’s shared drive.

    • VOGSY will generate documents (Google Docs or Microsoft Word) and store them in the appropriate project folder.

    • VOGSY will use your DMS’s spreadsheet component (Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel) to generate reports for you.

    • VOGSY will store document templates and reports in the appropriate folder in your company folder on your Shared Drive.

    • You can view the contents of this folder by accessing your company’s shared drive. You can also view this folder by clicking the Documents button on any project, person, organization, or opportunity card.

  • Email notifications

    When sending emails about invoices or quotes to customers, VOGSY will use your company’s DMS email account (Gmail or Outlook). This way it appears that you (or someone else from your company) sent the emails instead of VOGSY. VOGSY will not access or act upon any other emails contained in your email account.