Project settings

Here you can configure several basic features of VOGSY with are related to project management. These are global settings which therefore imply on all projects.

This setup screen shows the following options:

  • Who approves the project draft invoices?

    With this setting, you can configure the flow of approving project draft invoices. There are two options:

    • The project manager approves the draft invoices. When a project draft invoice is created, all project managers of the project will get a notification on their feed which asks them to approve the invoice.

    • Draft invoices are approved in the back office. If this option is activated, the project managers will not be asked to approve draft invoices for their projects. The approval of draft invoices is exclusively done in the back office with the Draft invoices function.

    Which option suits your organization best depends on if you prefer a centralized approval of draft invoices, or de-centralized. VOGSY strives to make your operation self-reliant as possible. This will speed up your processes (less independency) and improve quality. From that perspective, we encourage you to let the project managers approve draft invoices by themselves.

If option 1 is selected, it’s still possible to approve draft invoices with the Draft invoices backoffice function. This makes intervention possible, in the case that the project manager is not able to approve his draft invoices.
  • Project calendars

    This option is about the integration with Google Calendar.

    By default for each created project, a resource calendar is created in Google Calendar. This calendar can be invited when creating events which are related to that project.

    If you don’t want VOGSY to create these resource calendars, you can switch this integration off.

  • Display budgets using

    Cost rates or sales rates. These are the two options to choose from.

    This setting affects the budget indicators which are displayed on the project card. If you choose the 'Sales rate' option, the budget indicators show the budget based on the sales rate of calculated and spend hours. If it’s desirable to see the budgets from costs perspective, you can choose the 'Cost rate' option.

  • Use cap by default

    You can activate a cap on a deliverable to prevent that there will be more hours spend then calculated. By default, this cap is deactivated when a deliverable is created. If you prefer to have the cap default activated, you can select this option.

  • Use planned hours in check on cap

    When a cap is activated, VOGSY checks if the total number of hours spend, don’t exceed the number of calculated hours. This way, it will never be possible to spend more time than originally calculated. With this option, you can extend this check by involving planned hours. This will notify you when spend hours including future planned hours are exceeding the calculated hours. This way, VOGSY lets you anticipate and prevent possible exceeding in the phase of a project.

    There are 3 options to choose from:

    • Disable: The check on cap is based on spend hours only, no planned hours are involved.

    • Notify: Planned hours are involved in the check on cap, and users are getting notified when there is an exceeding.

    • Notify and block: Planned hours are involved in the check on cap. When there is an exceeding, the user needs to solve this first by changing the planning, before he can submit spend hours.