Project settings

Use the Project settings window to better align VOGSY with your organization’s project management style. These are global settings that will apply to all projects that you create in VOGSY.

The table below explains the settings you can define:

Name Description

Who approves the project draft invoices

With this setting, you can configure the approval flow of project draft invoices. You have the following choices:

  • Project manager (default). When a project draft invoice is created, all project managers of the project will get a notification on their feed which asks them to approve the invoice. Since project managers are familiar with all facets of their projects, the draft approval process will be quicker and more efficient if you use this option.

  • Support staff. The project managers will not be asked to approve draft invoices for their projects; instead, the back office will use the Draft invoices back office application to approve draft invoices.

  • Prepare by support staff, then approve by project manager. The back office will prepare the draft invoice and then the project manager will be asked to approve it.

If you select the Project manager option, you can still use the Draft invoices back office application to approve draft invoices. This might be necessary if the project manager is not able to approve their draft invoices.

Project manager has the option to auto approve time entries

Select this checkbox if you want to add an automatic time approval option to deliverables that project managers can enable or disable. See Create a deliverable for more information. By default this checkbox is not selected.

Project calendars

Select whether you want integrate Google Calendar with your projects or not. You have the following options:

  • Create a Google resource calendar for active projects (default). When creating events for a project, you can include its calendar resource in the invitation. That way, those who have access to the calendar will be able to see what events are scheduled that relate to the project.

  • Project calendars disables, all Google resources calendars are removed. Select this option to remove the integration with Google Calendar.

Display budgets using

This setting refers to the Budget indicator that displays on every project deliverable and determines whether the budget calculations are based on the sales rates or cost rates (default).

Use 'Completion %' indicator

Select this checkbox if you want to add an additional indicator to your projects that calculates a deliverable’s completion percentage. If this indicator is added then the Completion percentage will be taken into account when determining the weather indicator of a project.

Calculate the actual margin for fixed price deliverables using

VOGSY uses a fixed-price deliverable’s invoice schedule to calculate the actual sales amountby multiplying the billing periods of the invoice schedule by the percentage value you select here. Your options are Schedule %, Budget % (default), and Completion %.

Margin indicators are based on

Determines the type of margin data (actual or forecast) to display on a deliverable’s Margins gauge.

margin gauge

Also determines the type of margin data to use with calculating the progress visualizations, if you have configured VOGSY to use margins for these calculations.

Margin target

The default value is 25%.

Enable project evaluations

This setting enables you to send project evaluations. Before doing this, go to the mail templates settings and make sure that the Project Evaluation Mail template is up to date. You can also customize the actual evaluation form that can be found in the Templates folder in Google Drive. By default this setting is selected.

Use cap by default

Puts a cap on a deliverable when it is created. The cap allows a set amount of hours to be allocated to the deliverable, and no more. This helps to prevent over-billing the customer. By default, this option is not selected when a deliverable is created.

If you want to put a cap on an individual deliverable, see Create a deliverable.

Calculate budgets ‘bottom up’ by default

Select this checkbox if you want the Calculate budgets ‘bottom-up’ checkbox to appear on the Create project form when creating a new project. Bottom-up budgets are based on the cost and sales rates of the allocated resources instead of on the activity.

Use planned hours in check on cap

Usually when a cap is set, VOGSY checks if the total number of allocated hours exceed the number of calculated hours. This keeps you from allocating more time than was originally calculated.

Selecting the Use planned hours in check on cap option configures VOGSY to check if the total number of allocated hours and planned hours exceed the total number of calculated hours. This way, you can anticipate and prevent possible overages during the project phase.

You have the following options:

  • Disable: The check on the cap is based on allocated hours only, no planned hours are involved.

  • Notify: Planned hours are included in the check on the cap, and users get notified when there is an overage.

  • Notify and block: Planned hours are included in the check on the cap. When there is an overage, the user is notified and must change the planning before he can submit more hours.

Show invoicing method subscriptions

Select this checkbox if you want to add the subscription invoice method option to the deliverable form.

Enable time entry approval by client

Select this checkbox if you want to add the Time entries must be approved by the client checkbox to the project creation form. The checkbox will be selected by default, which means your time approval flow for Time & Materials deliverables will automatically include the client.

Use daily rates

Select this if you want to add the daily rate option to the organization form. Then when you create or edit an organization, you will have the option to use daily rates on the organization’s project invoices, instead of hourly rates.