CRM setup

VOGSY offers a lot of features to manage your opportunities and its associated elements: your organizations, contacts, quotes, and projects. However, it often happens that VOGSY is not your software of choice for managing leads; maybe you use a specialized tool such as Copper or Hubspot to create and track your opportunities.

VOGSY can synchronize with several of the top CRMs (Salesforce, Copper, and Hubspot) so that when it comes time to move forward with the opportunity, VOGSY already has to necessary data about the opportunity, target organization, and contact to carry on with the next phase of the Quote-to-Cash cycle.

By mapping VOGSY’s opportunity stages with those of your CRM, you can configure VOGSY to take over management of the opportunity at the appropriate stage—​when the opportunity is mature enough to add its potential revenue to the revenue forcast, maybe, or when you need to create a statement of work or to send a quote.

Setting up VOGSY to sync with your CRM requires the following steps:

To complete this process you must have the Support staff role and you must have admin rights in your CRM.