Opportunity weather

On each opportunity card, a weather image is shown. This represents if the opportunity is on track based on its current stage and age.

The calculation of the weather image can be configurated in this function.

This function shows all active opportunity stages. You can assign for each stage the average number of days it takes to reach that stage. The more the opportunity is behind this average schedule, the worse the weather of the opportunity will be.

VOGSY collects data of stage transitions and calculates the average number of days it takes to reach a stage over time.

You can choose to use the calculated average number of days (Use historic averages), or the specified number of days (Use lead time).

If you are just starting to use VOGSY, we suggest specifying manually the number of days a stage should be reached.

Please note that stage 'Lost' is not listed and cannot be configured. Only the active stages including win are configurable.