Integrate VOGSY with Jira

VOGSY might be the missing link between project managers and developers.

As a developer, tracking your time is probably a nuisance, or at least an unwelcomed diversion from your work. Most likely you have to switch from Jira to a different tool, which you might be unfamiliar with. VOGSY allows you to track time from Jira. This removes the need to learn yet another tool or to worry about whether you are tracking your hours correctly. You don’t even have to remember what project your Jira issue belongs to; just click the timer on the Jira issue when you start working and click it a second time when you’re done; VOGSY does the rest.

On the other hand, project managers are usually not that familiar with Jira, but the tool has tons of information that a project manager would love to get their hands on. With VOGSY, project managers can create a Jira issue from a project (or link a project to an issue that has already been created in Jira) that the developers can view and interact with in Jira.

In VOGSY, each project has a dedicated Jira tab that displays all associated Jira issues, putting all of the relevant information at your finger tips; such as

  • Issue type

  • Status

  • Story points

  • Assignee

  • Sprint data

  • The time that was tracked on the issue

But to take advantage of the convenience, accuracy, and control that comes with using VOGSY, you must first configure VOGSY to work with Jira.