In VOGSY, you use accounts to store information about the customers or suppliers you do business with. See Managing accounts and organizations for more information.

account team

A team of members that are working on an opportunity. See Creating teams and Opportunities for more information.


A notification usually with an associated activity that needs to be performed in VOGSY.


In VOGSY, an activity is an action or series of actions that must be performed in order to complete a deliverable.


The person who decides whether the submitted documents—​for example, timesheets, draft invoices, or draft quotes—​should be approved or disallowed.



Boards allow you to conveniently group together relevant VOGSY content. See Work with boards for more information.



The part of a deliverable that details how much you’ll spend, for what, and by when. It lists the activities and costs required to complete a deliverable as well as the revenue the deliverable should bring in once it is completed and the customer is invoiced. Also called a budget. See Calculation for more information.


VOGSY offers a set of charts which gives you real-time insight into how your company performs from different perspectives. See Charts for more information.


All companies that you have relationships with—​whether they are customers or suppliers--should have an Organization page in VOGSY.


The person in an organization with whom you communicate about everything related to that organization, or who is at least the first point of contact. See Contacts for more information.


Users whom you hire temporarily, perhaps on a project basis. As opposed to users who are employees and permanent members of your company’s workforce. See Invite external users to VOGSY for more information.


A contractor.


The prices of the materials or services needed to complete a deliverable. See Costs for more information.

credit invoice

A statement detailing a refund or credit to an invoice. Also called a credit note. See Create a credit invoice for more information.


A company to whom your company provides a product or service. See Customers and suppliers for more information.


day pattern

The weekly work schedule of an employee or contractor. Typically eight hours per day, Monday through Friday, but in VOGSY you can set the schedule as you please. See Day pattern for more information.


A deliverable is a product or service, produced as part of a project, that is intended to be delivered to a customer.

draft invoice

The initial, unofficial invoice that you can submit to the project manager for approval. Once this invoice is approved, the official invoice can be sent to the customer.

draft quote

This is the version of a quote that you can submit for approval to authorized persons in your company, before submitting the final quote to your customer.



All users who work for your company—-both employees and contractors—-are considered employees in VOGSY. See Employees for more information.


Money that was spent by an employee or a contractor for a project. See Create an expense for more information.



VOGSY has a default 'Home' view that displays all of the notifications that it generates. See The VOGSY feed for more information.

fixed price

A billing and pricing model where the customer is charged an agreed-upon price for a product or service. In VOGSY, this term applies to deliverables and invoices. Also known as a fixed fee or a flat rate. See Fixed price invoice method for more information.



A document submitted from a business to a customer that details the products and services provided with their price. See Invoices for more information.

invoice layout

A document template that defines what information is displayed (and where) when you generate an invoice. See Choose a layout for your customer’s invoice for more information.

invoice method

In VOGSY, the work on a project can be invoiced based on the time and materials spent, a fixed price, or a subscription. See Invoice methods for more information.

invoice schedule

A schedule for generating and sending invoices. See Create an invoice schedule for more information.



A potential sales contact, individual, or organization that expresses an interest in your goods or services. In VOGSY a lead is called an opportunity. See Opportunities for more information.



The profit ratio that remains after sales completion and the payment of all project-related expenses. See Margins for more information.


Project milestones indicate the moment when a group of tasks or a project component is completed, so that you can start the next project phase. They mark the important moments - the milestones - in your project.



An alert generated by VOGSY to inform you about a significant event. See Notifications for more information.



A lead.


Companies—​whether your own or your customers and suppliers—​are defined as organizations in VOGSY. See Organizations for more information.



All users of VOGSY have a Person page. Persons in VOGSY can be contact persons for leads, customers or suppliers, employees or other persons you want to register.


The act of allocating the future working hours of resources to activities for deliverables. The resulting schedule provides a clear overview of all activities. This collection of all activities and the timeline of projects forms the basis of the planning you work with. See Planning overviews for more information.


In VOGSY, a project is the central hub for managing all your client work, tasks, and resources.

purchase invoice

An invoice that you receive from a supplier for costs relating to a project. See Create a purchase invoice for more information.



A document for a potential customer outlining the price of a sale generated from an opportunity. See Quotes for more information.

Quote to cash process

A business process that covers a company’s entire sales cycle from lead generation to project management, fulfillment, and revenue management. See Understand the Quote to Cash process in VOGSY for more information.



VOGSY can generate a suite of reports to help you with your business planning and analysis. See Reports for more information.


An employee or a contractor assigned to complete an activity. See Add resources to a deliverable for more information.


statement of work

A document, attached to an opportunity, that describes what need to be done to succesfully complete a project. If the opportunity is won, the statement of work will be converted into a project. See Statements of work for more information.


A billing and pricing model where the customer is periodically charged—​usually per month, per quarter, or per year—​for a product or service. In VOGSY, this term applies to deliverables and invoices. See Subscription invoice method for more information.


A company that provides a product or service to your company. See Customers and suppliers for more information.



A group of VOGSY users that is formed around organizations, opportunities, and projects. See Creating teams for more information.

team member

A user of VOGSY who is a member of an opportunity or project team. See Creating teams for more information.

time and materials

A billing and pricing model where the customer is billed based on the actual hours worked and the cost of materials used to create a product or provide a service. In VOGSY, this term applies to deliverables and invoices. See Time & Materials invoice method for more information.


work breakdown structure

A productivity technique that involves breaking a project down into smaller tasks to make the project more manageable and approachable. See Work breakdown structure for more information.