It is possible to return VOGSY to its original post-installation state. Resetting VOGSY means deleting the following types of data:

  • Tasks

  • Timesheets

  • Expenses

  • Project planning

  • Resource planning

  • Charts data

  • Boards data

  • Reports data

  • People

  • Organizations

  • Opportunities

  • Projects

  • Test and sample data

Settings data, Master Tables data, and employee data will not be deleted.

Only someone with the Support staff role can reset VOGSY.

To reset VOGSY, do the following:

  1. On the left-hand menu, click Back office. The Back Office page will open in a new tab.

  2. Scroll down to the Settings section and click Reset VOGSY. The Confirm reset dialog displays.

  3. Enter the confirmation code into the Retype confirmation code field and then click Reset. All of the data mentioned above will be deleted and you will be logged out.

confirm reset