Activate multicurrency

VOGSY introduces the multicurrency feature, a game-changer for managing global projects. This tool is your key to effortlessly handling multiple projects across various countries and currencies. It’s designed to cut through the complexities of international operations, letting you concentrate on delivering top-notch projects. With multicurrency, you get a unified platform for all your projects, in any operating company and currency. It makes tracking progress, spotting risks, and ensuring profitability simpler than ever. Benefit from a unified resource pool that lets you book resources globally, matching skills and availability to maximize margins. Local project accounting is also a breeze with multicurrency, allowing for invoicing and budgeting in local currencies and integrating with local financial systems. Plus, get accurate, consolidated global reports in your base currency for an easy overview of revenues, costs, and margins. VOGSY’s multicurrency feature is the ultimate solution to streamline your international project management and boost your profits.

The screenshot above is taken from a deliverable for a project being completed by a European company called Global Tech Innovations, which is part of a larger company called TechPinnacle Solutions Group (an American company). TechPinnacle Solutions Group has several comapnies in other countries, and their employees are displayed on this screen, along with the sales rates in their local currency. This is one of the features of multicurrency in VOGSY.

To activate multicurrency, do the following:

You must have the Support staff role in order to access the back office.
  1. Go to the back office, scroll down to the Settings section, and click Accounting to open the Account settings page.

  2. Select the Enable different currencies per company check box and then scroll down and click Save.

The feature is now activated.