Approving and sending a quote

If a quote looks ready to send to the lead or customer, it can be submitted for approval by authorized persons in your company. You can select one or more authorized persons to submit the quote to; approval by all of the selected persons is needed before the quote can be sent.

approve quote v3

The selected person(s) will get a notification on their feed where they can directly view and approve or reject the quote. Approving or rejecting a quote will again trigger a notification for the person who submitted it. This decision can be explained by adding a comment.

If you get notified that a quote is approved, you can directly send the quote to the e-mail address of the contact of the organization. The quote will be sent from the email address of the person who sent it, and the team of the opportunity will receive a notification of this.

Quotes sent from VOGSY can be signed digitally with the Signhost plugin.