Create an opportunity

To create an opportunity, do the following:

  1. Go to the side panel and click lightbulb outline Opportunity.

  2. Click NEW OPPORTUNITY and fill out the Opportunity form. See Field descriptions.

  3. Click Save.

Field descriptions

create opportunity
Field name Description Required?


Enter a short phrase that describes the opportunity.



Use this field for a short declaration about the scope and potential of the opportunity or any other relevant information that it might be useful for your team members to know.



Begin typing the name of the company that is the source of the opportunity. If the company exists in your organizations database, it will appear in this field.

If the company does not exist in the database, click CREATE NEW ORGANIZATION to add it. See Create an organization for more information.



This drop-down list will be populated with the name of the contact person(s) of the organization you selected in the Organization field.

If there is no contact person, click Add New Contact to add one.



The current sales stage of the opportunity. The default stages are:

  • New (0%)

  • Qualification (10%)

  • Solution definition (25%)

  • Proposal (50%)

  • Decision due (75%)

  • Final negotiation (90%)

  • Win (100%)

  • Lost (0%)

You can replace these defaults with your own via the back office master table.


Sales probability %

Set the chance of winning the opportunity here.



The type of opportunity. The default type are:

  • New business

  • Existing customer

You can replace these with your own type via the back office master table.



The source of the lead. The default sources are:

  • Advertising

  • Event

  • Other

  • Outbound Marketing

  • Referral

  • Social Network

  • Website

You can replace these with your own list of source types via the back office master table.


Revenue Type

The category of revenue to which the earnings from this opportunity will belong. This field only displays if there is more than one revenue type defined in the Revenue Types master table in the back office.

The pipeline data that displays on the Revenue forecast chart will be generated based on the revenue type that you select here.



The expected earnings from this opportunity, including all revenue types, if there is more than one.


Opportunity date

The date that the opportunity appeared. It defaults to the current date—​that is, the day the opportunity card is created.


Close date

The date when this opportunity is expected to become a win or loss.


Expected start date

The start date of the future project, when the team should start working on it.


Expected finish date

The finish date of the future project.



The department associated with the opportunity.


Configure the opportunity form

You can change the settings of the some of the form elements.

  1. Go to the side panel and click lightbulb outline Opportunity.

  2. Click NEW OPPORTUNITY to display the Opportunity form.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click the cog icon to display the Configure the opportunity form.

    configure opportunity form
  4. Fill out the form and click Save.