Customer relationship management

This category answers questions about how to create and manage opportunities in VOGSY.

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How to create opportunities?

If an opportunity looks promising, you should create an opportunity card for it, and this page teaches you how.

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How do I set up my Statement of Work?

A statement of work (SOW) in VOGSY is a powerful reference tool that, as the name implies, breaks the work of a project down in terms of scope. This topic is a primer on how to create one in VOGSY.

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How to create a quote?

This topic explains how to generate a quote.

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How do you approve a quote in VOGSY?

This topic reveals VOGSY’s quote approval process. It also explains who can approve quotes.

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What insights can VOGSY give about my sales pipeline?

This topic describes the Sales Pipeline Progression chart, which illustrates the evolution of your sales through the sales funnel.