Getting set up

This category answers questions about setting up VOGSY and configuring it to meet your company’s needs.

Learn why VOGSY needs access to your document management system (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive).

Learn about the options that VOGSY provides for managing access to the folders it creates in your document management system (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive).

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How do I subscribe to VOGSY?

To continue to use VOGSY after the trial period end you must have a subscription. This page walks you through setting one up.

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Is there a particular order in which I should configure VOGSY?

VOGSY has a default configuration which makes it ready to use right from the moment it’s installed. VOGSY offers a wizard that leads you through the most important configuration steps and gives you information that enables you to set up VOGSY so it runs smoothly for your organization.

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What are my configuration options for employees?

All users who work for your company — both employees and contractors — are considered employees in VOGSY. Learn what options are available for managing employees.

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What are master tables?

When you or your co-workers add or edit information in VOGSY, you are often presented with several default options to choose from. These options are configured in the Master tables section of the back office. This page goes into more detail about the types of Master tables that are available.

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What are VOGSY’s settings?

This page provides links to other topics that discuss the different categories of settings that are available in VOGSY.

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How do I reset VOGSY?

Explains how to return VOGSY to its post-installation state. Resetting VOGSY will also remove all test and sample data.