Getting started

Start here to learn the basics of VOGSY.

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How do I install and set up VOGSY?

VOGSY offers a setup wizard that leads you through the most important configuration steps and gives you information that enables you to set up VOGSY so it runs smoothly for your organization.

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How does VOGSY integrate with my productivity tools?

Learn how VOGSY works with your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

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How do I create an opportunity?

If an opportunity looks promising, you should create an opportunity card for it, and this page teaches you how.

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How do I set up a project?

Running projects is what your business is all about, because projects generate revenue. VOGSY helps you organize your projects so they are efficient, methodical, informative, and repeatable — but first you must create a project page in VOGSY, and this topic explains how.

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What is the Quote to Cash cycle?

Get the basics on the Quote-to-Cash cycle (Q2C), a fundamental concept upon which VOGSY is based.