Map journals

This step only applies to those who use Exact as their accounting software.

In this step you will map your VOGSY accounting journals to their corresponding accounting journals in Exact.

map account types 1

The list of VOGSY account types display on the Account type mappings page. This list is taken from the Journals back office master table.

The list displays mapped account types, which display a VOGSY account type and its corresponding account in Exact:

mapped account type

You edit or remove these mappings. If you remove the mapping by clicking the delete blue, the VOGSY account type will remain, but the Exact account will be removed. This is called an unmapped account type:

unmapped account type

To map the account, click the pencil blue and select the appropriate Exact account from the dropdown list.

map account types 2

By default, for each mapped journal, VOGSY exports its data to Exact. If you want VOGSY to also import the journal data from Exact, select the Import journal entries from Exact for this journal checkbox.