February/March 2021 Release notes

This document highlights the improvements and enhancements we have recently made so you can easily stay up to date about what is new with VOGSY.

Front office updates

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Sensitive financial data is no longer viewable by everyone

VOGSY accepts and generates vast amounts of financial data. VOGSY also has a philosophy of total transparency — that is, it benefits the company if everyone in the company has access to all the data about its operations. There are, however, situations where total transparency is not beneficial, or is even detrimental, to a company, and for this reason we have decided to give companies the option to hide the financial data and make it viewable only to those who have the appropriate permission delegated to them via the back office.

Project Manager, Support staff


More detailed Billable vs non billable hours chart

We added a new data visualization to this chart. You can now click on a month to see its billable vs. non billable hours further broken down by resources or by activities.

billable vs nonbillable monthly

Project Manager, Manager, Professional


Export time entries to a Google Docs file

You can now generate a timesheet from a project. The timesheet will be saved to a Google Docs file in the project’s folder on Google Drive.

Project Manager, Professional


Submit and approve other people’s time entries

You no longer need to be a Super user in order to submit or approve the time entries of others. Now any employee can be delegated this power.

Project Manager, Manager, Support staff


Back office updates

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Added columns to the Financial transactions report

We added the following three columns to the Financial transactions report that is available in the back office:

  • KPI-attribute code

  • KPI-attribute name

  • Revenue type name

This makes it easier to troubleshoot KPIs because now you can see which attribute a transaction is related to.


Xero-generated invoices

Invoices that are generated via VOGSY’s integration with the Xero accounting software service now receive a new Reference number that follows this pattern: Project number - Project name.

Example: 14 - Summer Marketing Campaign.