April - June 2023 release notes

This document highlights the improvements and enhancements we have recently made so you can easily stay up to date about what is new with VOGSY.


VOGSY now has a label management system that allows you to organize and track your VOGSY records. You can use labels to search for similarly labeled records of the same type as the source record. You can also use the labels to filter data on certain charts and reports.

Resource allocation

We have made improvements to the UI of the screens involved in the allocation of resources to activities in order to make the process faster and more efficient.

Add external users to your VOGSY environment

You might have hired some contractors and you want them to use VOGSY to submit their timesheets. Now you can add these external users—​contractors and others who don’t have an email account on your domain—​to VOGSY by sending an invitation to their personal email address.

Multi-language email templates

You can now translate your email templates to as many languages as you require.

Invoice tracking

Every organization and project page has an invoice summary screen that displays all invoices associated with it.

Invoice reminders

Invoice reminders are a way to keep track of the payment status of invoices. When an invoice is overdue, VOGSY can send a notification to designated staff, who in turn can send emails to appropriate customers reminding them of their payment obligation.

Back office updates

Time entries report

We added the following two columns to this report:

  • Task title - Displays the title of the task associated with the time entry.

  • Sales rate on invoice - Displays the sales rate that was in effect when the time entry was submitted.


New columns

We added the following columns:

  • Amount calculated in Sales Rates

  • Amount calculated in Cost Rates

to the following reports:

  • The Projects report

  • The Deliverables report

  • The Calculations report

The columns display on the VOGSY Data tab. If you used named ranges, these columns will replace the Amount calculated column.