October 2021 Release notes

This document highlights the improvements and enhancements we have recently made so you can easily stay up to date about what is new with VOGSY.

Front office updates

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Duplicate a deliverable

You can now duplicate a project’s deliverables. This might come in handy if you have retainer projects that you bill every month; the deliverables are the same, only the delivery date is different. For more information, see Duplicate a deliverable.

Project Manager


New invoicing method

We have introduced a new invoicing method called subscriptions that allows you to automatically invoice your customers at a pre-defined frequency (per month, per quarter, per half-year, or per year). Simply select the invoicing frequency and specify the subscription details you want to have on the invoice and VOGSY will do the rest: when an invoicing run is triggered, VOGSY will create a draft invoice if needed.

You must enable this invoicing method in the back office before it can be applied to deliverables.

Project Manager, Support staff


Automatic time approval

You might not always think it necessary to have certain time entries held up waiting for a manager’s approval. Now you can configure a project to make approval of time recorded against it optional by selecting the Project manager has the option to auto approve time entries checkbox in the back office. Once the project is configured this way, you can specify for each deliverable in the project if the tracked time for that deliverable should be approved, by selecting the Automatically approve time entries checkbox when setting up the deliverable.

Project Manager, Support staff


Improved timesheet submission

We updated the options for submitting timesheets to make sure we they were clear and comprehensive. The new options are:

  • Up to today

  • Up to an including today

  • This entire week



Improved Gmail Addon

When processing emails with the VOGSY Gmail addon it is no always possible to find a matching contact, organization, project or other entity that you can associate it with. For these situations you can now search for and choose the entity yourself.

Project Manager, Support staff, Professional, Account Manager, Manager


Specify Sales Tax Now the person submitting the expense item can specify its sales tax; it is no longer necessary for the back office personnel to do it. This option is available to non-US users of VOGSY but it must be enabled in the back office first.

Professional, Support staff


Revenue Forecast chart

The details for the Unplanned order book are no longer displayed by default; you must click the toggle to display them. We made this change in order to be able to display more details without having to increase the size of the chart.

Project Manager, Support staff, Professional, Account Manager, Manager


Improved the Task View page

When filtering tasks by organization, you will now see not only the tasks that are associated with the organization, but also the tasks that are associated with the opportunities and projects of that organization. This allows you to get a fuller overall view of the organization’s tasks and work.

Project Manager, Support staff, Professional, Account Manager, Manager