December 2021 Release notes

This document highlights the improvements and enhancements we have recently made so you can easily stay up to date about what is new with VOGSY.

Front office updates

Push notifications

You can now activate push notifications directly from VOGSY, instead of having to activate the feature from your browser. For more information, see Notifications.

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Back office updates

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Time entries report

We added the following columns to the Time Entries report:

  • Department employee

  • Skill level

  • Email address employee


Xero synchronization

When an expense is created in VOGSY, and a description is supplied, that description now appears in the corresponding Accounts Payable record in Xero after synchronization.


Holiday schedules

You can now create more than one holiday list for a country. If different regions of a country follow different holidays schedules, you can create a list for each region that can be assigned to different companies or departments.


New reports

We have created two new reports:

  • The Planned Resource Hours report, which lists all planned hours that have ever been added in VOGSY. This report can be filtered by week, year, and employee.

  • The Expenses report, which lists all expenses that have ever been submitted via VOGSY.