September - December 2023 release notes

This document highlights the improvements and enhancements we have recently made so you can easily stay up to date about what is new with VOGSY.

Improved flexibility for Subscriptions

Having a finish date or end date on a deliverable is a fundamental requirement in project management. However, we understand that there are scenarios where this requirement may not align with your specific business practices. For instance, when using the 'Subscription' invoicing method for services that have no predefined time limit, such as domain registrations, constantly adjusting the finish date to ensure continued invoicing can be cumbersome and time-consuming.

VOGSY now offers enhanced flexibility for users who rely on the 'Subscription' invoicing method. You can now choose to make the finish date of a deliverable optional, effectively allowing you to create deliverables with an infinite duration. This means that for services like domain registrations, you no longer need to specify an end date, simplifying your invoicing process significantly.

See Create a subscription deliverable for more information.

New layout options for the search views

VOGSY now has two new layout options for the search views that were designed to help you efficiently manage and access your records.

In addition to the original Card view layout, all search views can now be displayed in the List view layout, which organizes records in a streamlined, table-like format, ideal for those who prefer a more traditional and detailed overview.

The Opportunity search view has a unique view that is only available to it: the Kanban view. This layout, which comes with the ability to drag and drop cards from one column to another, allows you to easily track the progress of an opportunity from inception to completion.

See Search views for more information.

Other updates

Deliverables templates

The deliverable templates that are listed in the Select a template drop-down field on the Create deliverable form now display alphabetically.

All roles


Reimbursement status of expenses

The status of a submitted expense can now be tracked from the expense’s record. The possible statuses are:

  • Submitted for verification

  • Submitted for approval

  • Approved

  • Reimbursed on [date]

All roles


Expense currency

You can now select the appropriate currency for an expense before submitting it for reimbursement.

All roles


Opportunity currency

When creating an opportunity, the revenue amount can now be entered in the local currency of the organization offering the opportunity. For example if your company’s base currency is the euro, and you create an opportunity that is offered by an American company, you can enter the opportunity’s revenue amount in US dollars instead of euros.

All roles


Accounting integration improvements

We made two improvements to accounting integrations:

  • When a project invoice is synced to Xero or Quickbooks Online,the PDF version of the invoice is also synced.

  • When an AP is synced to Xero, the uploaded supplier invoice is also pushed into Xero.

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