Release notes 2020

This document highlights the improvements and enhancements we have recently made so you can easily stay up to date about what is new with VOGSY.

This is our initial release and as such it covers the entire year of 2020. Future release notes should occur on a monthly basis.

Front office updates

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New project notification

We added the Cap is changed notification option to the Settings page. When a project’s cap is updated, the members of the project team will be sent notifications according to the settings options.

This notification is turned on by default for feed and push notifications. See Notifications to learn more about managing notifications.

Project Manager


Surcharges and discounts

We removed the Show discount and surcharge on project invoices per setting from the project configuration page. The Add discount/surcharge setting on the deliverable configuration page now determines whether its discounts or surcharges are shown on the invoice.

Project Manager

Projects, Invoices

New timesheet setting

We added a setting that controls the rounding of time entries to quarters of an hour. See Timesheet rounding for more information.



Improved Revenue forecast chart

You can view the following new subcategories by clicking the Unplanned order book category on the Revenue forecast chart:

  • Not calculated

  • Not allocated, which equals the calculated hours minus allocated hours

  • Not planned, which equals allocated hours minus planned hours

  • Costs not spent, which equals the sales amount



Placeholders for project planning

If you want to start planning for a project, but don’t yet know which resources to assign, use a placeholder to reserve the hours necessary to complete the activities. This will allow you to get more insight into the work that will be needed to deliver the project. Later, as needed, you can assign resources to replace the placeholders. See Placeholders for more information.

Project Manager


New project action

By default, a project’s payment conditions match the payment conditions on the configuration page of the project’s customer. We added the Specify payment condition to the project page’s Additional Actions list to allow you to change the payment terms for the project only.

Project Manager


Expense reimbursement is optional

By default, an expense that you report will be reimbursed and an accounts payable record will be created with the reimbursee listed as the creditor. We have added a checkbox to the New Expense form that lets you indicate whether the expense should be reimbursed or not.

expenses form



A new chart

We created a new chart called Billable vs. non billable hours that gives you detailed insight into how efficiently your employees are using their work hours.

billable vs nonbillable small



Pre-filled timesheets

We added a new option the Employee settings page that determines if VOGSY should update timesheets based on the hours set during planning, or if the employee should do it manually.



Back office updates

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Booking periods

When approving time entries, the booking period is determined by the date of the time entry instead of the date of approval of the time entries. Doing it this way eliminates the inaccuracies that can arise when the time span between the creation of a time entry and its approval becomes too large.


Uploading invoices to Exact accounting software

When VOGSY creates an accounts receivable or an accounts payable in Exact, VOGSY also uploads the relevant project or purchase invoices that were used to justify the creation of the accounts.

Integrations, Exact

Improved integration with Exact

We improved VOGSY’s ability to import data from Exact by adding an extra step that allows you to select from a list of organizations that can be imported from Exact. If VOGSY already has a matching record for an organization in the list, this mapping will be displayed. The purpose of this new step is to prevent duplication.

Integrations, Exact

Improved the Financial KPIs chart

The Financial KPIs chart now displays the budgets and actuals for all months for the selected year.


Work in Progress calculations

We added a new setting that determines which amount will be used when making the following journal entries:

  • When approving time entries

  • When approving purchase invoices

  • When approving expenses

  • When invoicing time entries for Time & Materials projects

  • When approving provisions

  • When closing a project

Select Cost amounts if you want VOGSY to use the employee’s cost rates and amounts for these tasks; otherwise, select Sales amounts if you want VOGSY to use the activity’s sales rates and amounts. By default, VOGSY will use Cost amounts.


Invoice date

Those with the Support staff role can now set the invoice date during the creation of a draft invoice. The invoice date is used for the following:

  • The date of the book-entry for the invoice

  • To determine the booking period for the invoice

  • The date that displays on the draft invoice and customer invoice

If you do not specify a draft date, the invoice date will be the date of when the draft invoice was approved.


The Customers report

To aid you in your marketing activities, we added the following columns to the Customers report:

  • Source

  • Industry


Complete synchronization with Exact

VOGSY can now sync with Exact. This means VOGSY can import all of Exact’s journal entries and Exact can import all of VOGSY’s journal entries.

Integrations, Exact

Exact debtor numbers

Each customer record in Exact has a 'debtor number.' When these customer records are imported into VOGSY, the assigned debtor numbers are now also imported, and when VOGSY creates a new customer, that customer will be assigned the next available debtor number.

Integrations, Exact

Multiple PDF attachments

If a customer’s invoice scanning software only accepts one PDF attachment, you can now configure VOGSY to merge multiple PDFs for that customer into one file. See Customers and suppliers to learn more.


Integration with Copper

VOGSY can now integrate with Copper and synchronize financial data. See Connect to Copper for more information.


Setup assistant for CRM integrations

You can now use the VOGSY setup assistant to integrate with the following third-party financial applications:

  • Copper

  • Hubspot

  • Salesforce

See CRM Setup for more information.


Additional line items

You can now add a new line item to an invoice.


Invoice description

You can add a description to your purchase invoice.


Log for sync issues

If it appears that organizations or opportunities are not being synchronized or created in VOGSY, check out the Pending messages back office integration feature to see if any log messages were generated.


Change access rights to templates and reports

Now only those with the Support staff role can edit templates or view reports. This is true even when the VOGSY folder is stored in a shared drive on Google Drive.